Anestar Group of Schools

About Us

Anestar Group of Schools

Anestar school was founded in 2001. It was founded on a strong Christian background emphasizing high discipline standards and good morals for both staff and students.
We offer the 8-4-4 curriculum, 2-6-6-3— CBC curriculum in
our primary sections up to grade 6 and soon launching the CBC curriculum coupled with a state of the art Junior secondary school. Our approach to teaching and learning is student centered. Our school provides learning opportunities from form one to form four. We provide ample boarding facilities in well-lit and spacious dorms. 
All our campuses have recorded great performances in the previous years with a big number of our students joining both public, private and International Universities. Most of our Campuses feature within the top 100 schools in the country in K.C.S.E and in extra curriculum activities our school has severally represented our county and region in swimming competitions at a National level. Students are treated without exception, with kindness and respect, each student is made to feel valued and important.
The school foster’s partnership and shared responsibility with the parents in shaping and molding their child. Over the years our school has enjoyed a long history of great success and growth.

Our Mission

To provide a conducive environment and offer quality, excellent and holistic education that motivates students to discover their talents and strive to reach their potential, thereby equipping them to fit well in the society and contribute positively to nation building.

School Vision

To become a leading and the most preferred private school in the provision of quality, excellent and holistic education for boys in Kenya.

School Motto

- Commitment
- Sacrifice
- Hardwork
- Teamwork
- Humility
- Godliness

Resources and Facilities

Library and ICT

At Anestar Schools, we have a wide range of quality resources and facilities which support our students in their learning. These include; Course books, Mock books, Supplementary books, Charts, Computers and screens with internet access allowing students to enhance their research skills. Our schools also have Science laboratories with all the necessary equipment supporting scientific investigations. We also have an Art room, Music rooms, home science and cookery rooms that are fully equipped.
We have tutors who provide learning support to the students, just in case they have any difficulty with a subject.
We are aware of the difficulties some students face in their learning and our tutors work with the teachers to help them progress as learners. Through a lot of hard work, these students are able to make significant progress and adopt a more positive attitude towards both their learning and schools life.


Our Schools have partnered with various hospitals and doctors to give medical care to our students at the cost of
the Parent. In the case of an accident or more serious illness, the student is taken by one of our dorm Patrons or
Matrons to any of the hospitals in Nakuru prior agreed with the parent for more specialized treatment.
Parents or Guardians are informed of any accidents or illness, other than minor day to day complaints and when
appropriate asked to make arrangements for hospital treatment.
The school on various occasions will normally pay students’ medical costs and invoice parents on the next fees
For larger bills, the hospital will invoice the parents directly

Pastoral Care & Couseling

At Anestar, we uphold a praying culture and devotional life. We have well planned devotions every day from 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm. We also have weekly prayer services every Friday and Sunday services.
We have a school Chaplain and dedicated team of Patron teachers that are committed to this. We also recognize
other religions without exception. These include;
C.U, Y.C.S, S.D.A and Muslims
Guidance and counseling program assists to identify any challenges that the students may be having. Each of
our campuses have got guidance and counseling office that is headed by a resident school Chaplain.
We also invite Counselors to counsel our students on various life issues and equip them on how to deal with life


Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.


Students learn to transcend their environment through the integration of academic and social skills and extracurricular activties


Students think big & are supported by impassioned faculty and a dynamic curricula